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Book of the week: Lost My Name

lostmyname 001.jpg

I am so excited to share these beautiful new books with you today on World Book Day! Lost My Name books are lovely, personalised books about little girls and boys who have lost their names.

lostmyname 003.jpg

When the little one realises they have lost their name they set off on a wonderful adventure to find all the letters they are missing. They meet exciting creatures in colourful lands and letter by letter they build up their name.

lostmyname 010.jpg

My little ones each have a copy of the book and have had so much fun reading them. Children love letters and creatures, so those two things combined with the fact that it's their own personal book with their own precious name in, means they really adore them. My children loved talking about all the letters they share and the ones that are unique to just their names. They also wondered about the name that would be used if I had a book made for me, would it be Mummy or Emily!

lostmyname 008.jpg

Lost My Name books have been created by three dads and an uncle. The project is 100% independent and self-published. I think it's a really beautiful project to support and these books make wonderful, special and unique gifts. Each book costs £16.99. If you would like to have a book created for a special little someone please contact me for a special discount code.

***I'm afraid all my discount codes have now been given out***

Happy World Book Day!

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