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That was March: This is April


I had such a lovely March even with all the rubbish weather. I planned it to be a month of indulging in some extra me time before baby four arrives and I'm so glad I did. I did nearly everything on my list but didn't quite make Lynne's Washi Way workshop at the end. One thing too many and given that I am now 39 weeks pregnant I am not really surprised that I had to cancel something!

I have also had some lovely family time too. It feels funny that March was our last month as a family of five. I can't wait to be six but it's also been lovely to treasure being five too. Every month that goes by they all grow a little more and something changes, sometimes really subtly but other times there are big changes, particularly for little Max who is busy taking big leaps all the time at the moment, especially with this language. Imogen and Oren love talking to him too and the more he can say, the easier it is for him to join in their games.

And so to April. Wow...this month I will become a mother of four. Incredible! I still can't quite believe it and I'm so excited. It is going to be a very special month indeed. It's strange having nothing else planned though. April: 'have a baby'! What a brilliant to-do list! It's also the Easter holidays though and I feel a bit sad that apart from the Easter fun we had this weekend we haven't been able to plan anything else to do with the children as we just don't know when the little one will arrive. I'm sure they won't mind though. When they look back at the Easter holidays they will remember it was the holidays when their brother or sister was born. That's big news to return to school and nursery with!

I have been busy continuing with my 365 project, so I will leave you with March's images. Enjoy and have a wonderful April. Let's hope for some sunshine, Spring light and plenty of love and laughter. x

It's the little things

Sunday Sunshine - Happy Easter