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Pregnancy Portrait - Week 39


Week 39...this really is anytime now territory and I am starting to want to be close to home, all snuggled and warm in my nest! I've had a super busy month and now it's time to slow right down, so I can build up some energy reserves for the labour and for those first few weeks of life with a newborn.

I simply cannot wait to see this little one's face and find out if it's a boy or a girl. And my children are so excited that I just can't wait for them all to meet each other.

baby stripes.JPG

{stripes from top left H&M, top right Baby Gap, bottom left Treefall Design and bottom right Baby Gap}

I couldn't resist getting a few new things to wear for baby four! And I'm also busy finishing this quit.


I am about to pop up to school to pick up my little girl for the last time before the Easter holidays begin. The next time we go to school we'll be a family of six. I will be a mother of four. Wow! Exciting times ahead indeed.

Sunday Sunshine - Happy Easter

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