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Pretty Pastel Style Book Launch & Fair

prettypastellaunch 058.jpg

Selina Lake's beautiful book launch and fair was even prettier than I had imagined. So many beautiful, sweet things and so many lovely people all in one place. I loved it very much indeed!

I could have bought so many things and have a lovely bundle of business cards for future purchases. I definitely would like some of Anna Wiscombe's beautiful birds.  Here is what I did treat myself to.

prettypastellaunch 067.jpg
prettypastellaunch 068.jpg

Goodies from Vicky Trainor {who I was so happy to finally meet after talking online for years!}, Abigail Warner, Love Lane Vintage, Selina Lake, Peach Blossom, Yvestown, Sesame & Lily, Mabel & Bird.

Plus I enjoyed some delicious cake and lemonade from Laura's Cakey Bakes. And picked up a pink can of Plastikote, which I cannot wait to try. 

I was also so pleased to see lovely Yvette from Yvestown again. We met at Meet the Blogger a few weeks ago and it was great to meet up again so soon. And she taught me to crochet...a little bit! It's on my 13 for 2013 list and I really need to start work on learning again, so it was lovely to chat away and crochet. Well, Yvonne mainly did the crochet! And also buy some of her beautiful yarn (oh look there's a sale on at the moment!). I have no excuse not to get going with it now.

prettypastellaunch 065.jpg
prettypastellaunch 066.jpg

Thank you Selina for organising such a great book launch and for getting so many talented people together in once space! x

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