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Creating some space

creativespace 018.jpg

This month I have really needed to have some space for myself. I am so glad I knew that this would be the case and I booked lots of lovely things into the diary in advance. I felt a little bit guilty about this at the time, as it felt a bit too self-indulgent but as I approach the last few things on my list I realise that it's been a good thing for all of us. Having young children is exhausting in itself but add to this being pregnant with number four and it's no wonder I predicted I might need some space in the last month.

I think it's also to do with the pregnancy hormones and wanting to nest and be ready for this baby. I feel extra protective towards my bump and it's so lovely to have some time for just me and the bump. That connection before the birth is so important to me and with my three other lovely ones all wanting my attention it's often hard to give this little one any space.

I know that I have also craved space this month because I know all too well what's coming over the next few months. I adore the tiny baby stage but I also know there will be times when I will long for a break from the feeding, and I will have my grumpy evenings when I just want a moment to potter without a baby stuck to my chest! So, I'm stocking up on me time, creative time, socialising time....Emily time, not Mummy time. I did read a blog post a few months ago that said thinking you need this time was a selfish, unnecessary thing for mothers but I highly recommend it! And as I always say, a happy mummy is a happy family. 

So, today I'm off out to the Pretty Pastel Style launch and fair, and I'm looking forward to seeing some of you there.

Sunday Sunshine

Pregnancy Portrait: Week 38