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Pregnancy Portrait: Week 38


Two weeks until my due date! I'm getting very excited now. I just can't wait to meet this little one and find out who she/he is! And cuddle and snuggle for hours and hours. I can't wait for my other children to meet their brother/sister too. They are so excited. 

I am a little sad too though as I do love being pregnant. It's an amazing time. Even if it is now incredibly difficult to enjoy it with my three little ones running around too. I'm at the stage where I really need some quiet space and I want everything to be neat and tidy. The nesting instinct has well and truly kicked in and is driving me a little crazy, as there's really not much I can do to keep it happy. I'm sure the more I tidy, the more the rest of my family makes a mess! I have one more evening of Crafty Fox Box packing and then at least I can make some things for the baby in the evenings and nest in that way! 


I am so happy that this little baby is going to be a Spring baby. My other children are all Winter babies, so it's lovely to enjoy having a baby in a different season. Although I'm not exactly sure where Spring is. Hopefully by the time the baby arrives it will be a little warmer and the sun will be shining! Love this little selection of green baby clothes that I found in our supplies. They feel appropriate for a Spring baby! 

Right, I'm off to do some more tidying to try and keep these nesting instincts happy.  Have a lovely day! x

Creating some space

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