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Sunday Sunshine


This weekend's Sunday Sunshine is a little different as I am combining it with one of my assignments from Holly Becker's Blog Boss course that I'm currently taking. This week's task is to list 8 blogs that we love and explain why, so I thought it would be a lovely thing to share with you today. All these lovely blogs bring sunshine into my world and inspire me in different ways. 

The Yvestown Blog - I love this blog because the images are beautiful and inspiring, and it offers a wonderful glimpse into Yvette's life. The blog layout and looks is simple and stylish, while being homely. It feels like an extension of her home.  

The Making Home - I love this blog written by Davina Drummond, an artist and a mother. I love her regular DIY tutorials and her family outings. It's always lovely to look at and read, and I look forward to watching it grow. {Davina is a fellow Blog Boss student}

Junkaholique - I have loved reading Artemis' blog for a long time now but have loved it even more since she became a mother too. The photography, her beautiful handmade things for her baby and home, all her treasures and the wonderful campervan trips are just wonderful and so inspiring. 

Adventures in Pink Sugarland - When I worked as a wedding photographer I used to love reading Andrea's professional photography blog. Then she had children and I loved her personal work even more. I really like the simplicity of this blog and think it's a really wonderful way to document childhood and family life. She also has amazing crafting skills and I especially love her posts that show what she's been making. 

Papermash - the blog connected to my favourite online stationery shop. How could I not love it?! Lovely imagery and inspiring DIY crafts. Lynne has also started craft evenings and creative meet-ups through the blog, which is a lovely way of connecting readers and creating offline activities, which are closely connected to the online ones. 

By Fryd  - *sigh* I just love this blog so much. Jeanette Lund's beautiful images and words just fill me with joy. Go and soak it all up! 

Fork & Flower - Scarlett is another fellow Blog Boss student and I have just started to read her pretty blog. I was attracted to the simple and sweet design, and to her lovely food photography. I am really looking forward to exploring her Recipe Index! 

Bright Bazaar - Will's blog is the only blog I subscribe to via email and it quite simply puts a burst of colour and happiness into my inbox every morning. I love how he personalises all the images he uses on his blog and his attention to the design and layout of each post. Beautiful indeed. 

It was hard to list just 8 blogs but a great way to think about what and who is inspiring me at the moment, and to think about why I love their blogs and what makes me excited when they post something new. I know that I nearly always rate images higher than the actual text but when the two come together beautifully, like they do in these blogs, it's an amazing and inspiring combination, and my constant aim with the Startup Wife. 

And.... a book - a bump - some drawing - another book - some little things 

Have a beautiful Sunday! I'm off to the Knitting and Stitching Show. Yippeee! x

A little treat for you

Book of the week: Lion vs Rabbit