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Pregnancy Portrait: Week 37

hospitalbag 009.jpg

Yippeee! Week 37 is here, which means this little baby can arrive any time from now and be considered full-term. Always a lovely date to get to. To say I am getting very excited is an understatement!

I have packed my hospital bag (well, almost) and I thought I'd share a few things with you here. Don't worry people I have got my other essentials packed too but I don't think we need a picture of those! As this is my 4th baby I'm quite good a packing for hospital now. I have two bags, one to come in with us when we arrive and one that stays in the car until later. The one that comes with us has all the essential things in and the one that follows as all the extra things we might need if we have to stay overnight. 

1. Muslins. Over the next few months I will once again be getting through lots of these and find them all over the house.
2. Tiny little nappies and cotton wool.
3. A little hat (made by Mr Christian of course!)
4. First outfit. All our children have worn this sweet, soft little Petit Bateau suit as their first outfit. Poor Oren (at 9lbs 13!) was wedged into it.
5. A cosy blanket.
6. Some sweets for me and some straws. Straws are so useful for when you need some water or juice during labour.
7. My pyjamas and some pampering treats to make me feel lovely after the birth. I bought these pyjamas from Sainsburys. A bargain, so it doesn't matter if they get messy/ruined but pretty so they make me feel good. 

We will also obviously have the camera, which I am trying to remember to charge every day at the moment, to make sure it's all ready for when the day comes.

I am feeling super well again this week after recovering from my horrible cold. My energy levels are pretty good and I'm just full to the brim of happy, excited vibes. And I am keeping my mind as positive and strong as I can for the birth. Daily reminders to myself that I know I can labour well, I am strong and that I'm going to have a beautiful birth whenever it happens. A positive attitude is so important if you're planning to labour as naturally as possible and without drugs. I need those amazing labour hormones to keep on flowing!

Oh and the sun is shining and Spring has arrived. All my other babies were born in the Winter, so it's very exciting to be expecting a Spring baby. Such a magical time of year.

PS...nearly forgot to say that my bag is from Anorak!

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