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Happy Home - Everyday Magic for a Colourful Life

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When I first saw Happy Home - Everyday Magic for a Colourful Life by Charlotte Hedeman Guéniau from the beautiful Danish brand rice, I knew I had to read it. Every page is bursting with inspiration, colour and happiness. It makes me smile every time I pick it up and there are just so many wonderful ideas inside. 

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I adore the section on creative corners and workspaces. As I work from home and as we do a lot of creating and making in our family, Charlotte's brilliant ideas for making these spaces happy, bright and full of joy are just perfect for me to be inspired by. 

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There are beautiful sections on children's bedrooms and colourful kitchens. In fact the whole book is beautiful and I just can't put it down at the moment. I keep it on my bedside table, so I can wake up happy and go to sleep and dream colourful dreams! And it is definitely inspiring me to add more colour to our home.

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"Life can be made so much more enjoyable by bringing colour and a sense of fun into daily living." Charlotte Hedeman Guéniau. So true Charlotte. Thank you for writing this beautiful book to help us to fill our homes with colour and happiness! 

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