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Pregnancy Portrait: Week 32

32 weeks.JPG

I am 32 weeks pregnant today, which means that whatever happens at some point in the next ten weeks we will become a family of six! How very exciting indeed. And wow is that going to go by fast. I've got a quilt to make, baby clothes to sort and some hypnobirthing to practice. And I need to somehow top up on some sleep too. Need to talk to my other children about that one! 

I've got a growth scan this evening. Looking forward to having another little peek at my little one. I'm not too worried about the scan. It's a standard practice at the hospital I'm at and although I do make big babies, this one is measuring smaller than the others did so far.

On Saturday I'm seeing some lovely photographer friends for my first bump shoot for this baby. Excited! I'm sure I'll be sharing some of the results with you soon. 

Book of the week: Creative Creatures by Donna Wilson

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