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That was February: This is March


I have never been a big fan of February but then two years ago little Max was born in February and it changed my view of the month. Although I am still desperately waiting for Spring I have also made a conscious decision to embrace the month and make the most of the end of Winter.

In February little Max turned two, I taught my first photography workshop of the year, I did plenty of  crafting, clearing out, spending time with friends, planning, photographing and making the most of our family time. I ended the month feeling happy, content and excited. A good month indeed I would say! 

And March is set to be very lovely indeed. It will be my last month as a mother of three, as baby four is due next month. Wow! As I know that the next few months will be extra busy for me as a mother I have arranged plenty of me time this month and dedicated the month to taking care of myself, so that when baby four arrives I am fully energised and ready.

I have booked in some time with friends, some time for just me, I am going to Meet the Blogger, a book launch, a lino print workshop, I will be finishing a patchwork quilt, continuing my 365 project and hopefully enjoying the first signs of Spring with its lighter evenings, longer days and fresh colours. I can't wait! 

Below are my 365 images for February. They make me happy and I hope you like them too. Later this month a selection of my 365 images will be available to buy. Watch this space!

I hope you have a lovely month planned. Enjoy every day! x

Sunday Sunshine

Pregnancy Portrait - 35 weeks