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Pregnancy Portrait - 35 weeks


Thirty five weeks?! I am super excited about meeting this little one soon but also a bit sad that this pregnancy is nearing the end. Being pregnant is an amazing thing, even when you've done it three times before and there's a part of me that will miss it. 

I have been taking time each day to think about the birth and start to prepare myself for getting in the zone when the time comes. I had such an amazing birth experience with Max that I am really hoping to have a similar birth this time. I am incredibly lucky this time to have a midwifery team that are looking after me now, during the birth and afterwards. Hopefully my midwife will be working when I go into labour but knowing that it will be one of her team if it's not her is so reassuring. In the past I have had a midwife that only works in the community and not in the hospital, so when we've gone into hospital we've had whichever midwife happens to be working in that room at that time. And then never seen them again, which always feels quite sad when they've been there at such an amazing and special time in your life.

Goodness me, writing this is making it all feel so much more real. We are having a baby. Really soon! I am going to treasure these final few weeks and hope that I remain feeling so well. If you are pregnant I really hope you are feeling well too. Take good care. x

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