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Finding my space


After spending two years living somewhere that definitely wasn't the right space for me I feel that I am much more aware of the importance of finding my space in all areas of my life than I perhaps was before. Sometimes we can be so in the right space that we take it for granted and don't really realise the value of it. When you are not in the right space it can really affect how you feel about so many things and how you are, how you work and how you relate to others.

Since we moved back to London towards the end of last year I have felt so in my space that I never want to leave! I feel settled, centred, understood, calm and so very happy. It's a wonderful feeling and one that I share with my family, which is also a lovely thing. We have found somewhere that is the right space for all of us and I feel very, very lucky. 

It is not just my home space that's important to me though, it's also my work space, my online space, my parenting space and my creative space. Slowly it is feeling like all these spaces are coming together too. I am finding my spaces and making lovely, happy connections. And it feels great. It also feels easier to say no to things that aren't right when you find your right spaces. In the past I know I've often felt the need or desire to fit in to spaces that weren't right for me but I was trying to convince myself that they were. From time to time I still do that now but I find it much easier to be kind to myself, to listen to myself and to get back to the spaces that make me happy and work for me. 

On Friday I am taking another of Holly Becker's courses and one of the things I am really excited about is the community and space that I will be a part of for the duration of the course. I have met some wonderful, inspiring people on Holly's courses in the past and I am excited to be part of this space again, to make new connections and to build and cultivate my online space. Do say hello if you are taking the course too!

Do you feel happy in your space(s)? I'd love to hear if other people find this kind of thing as important as I do!  

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