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Why I love to teach

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Last weekend I taught my first Photography for Bloggers Workshop for 2013. I didn't run this workshop last year, so it was extra lovely to be back teaching again. When I first ran this course I only had a blog connected to my photography business and it was really just for showcasing my images. This time round I have been blogging as the Startup Wife for over a year and I think I have a different and more rounded approach to teaching bloggers to take better photographs.

I held the course in this beautiful space in Shoreditch, which was a great location for taking photographs both inside and outside. I brought along plenty of props as well as magazines and books for inspiration, so that my students could get really stuck in to practicing what I was teaching as we went along. Shoreditch is an inspiring area to photograph in, so popping outside during the afternoon session also meant my students had plenty of things to photograph.

From the lovely blog posts, tweets, Instagrams and emails I've received I think everyone had a good day and went home inspired and armed with new knowledge and skills to practice and build their own style for their blogs. We have made a private Pinterest board to share images and ideas and I'm so looking forward to watching them all develop over the next few months.

I also went home inspired and full of happiness. I absolutely love to teach and have been doing so in many different ways for almost twenty years. While at university I worked in Tenerife for the summer teaching tourists about the dolphins and whales around the island's coast! Since then I've taught on conservation projects, at university, many photography 1-2-1 days and wedding photography workshops. Whenever I teach I learn more about the process of teaching and sharing my skills with other people but I also learn more about myself and my own work. Coming together with a new group of people can be so inspiring. There are always things to learn from other people even when you think you are the one doing the teaching, and I love that. And it is a complete joy to watch people learn new things and create new things with their knowledge. It makes me feel alive! 

Whenever I teach I remember just how important is it for me and how much I really love it. So, I am very happy that I have my next Photography for Bloggers workshop all lined up for the Autumn, and even happier that it's 50% booked already! I am taking a break between now and then to have baby four, which is why it is a little way off but if you are keen to come and spend the day with me on September 21st then please do email me {hello@emilyquinton.com} to book your place. Last weekend I had 12 students, which was a really lovely number, so I am limiting the number to 12 for the next workshop too. 

The workshops are fun, creative and inspiring. You can bring and learn with any type of camera or even your camera phone. Whatever you are currently using, or would like to be using, to capture images for your blog. 

I will be talking about:
- basic technique
- composition
- light
- easy and fast post-processing
- presenting images on your blog
- developing your own style

We will also spend plenty of time taking photographs indoors and outdoors (weather permitting!) during the day. If you need a new portrait for your blog we can also look at taking some portraits for you. 

Places are limited to 12 people. You need to bring a camera with you but it can be any camera (even your phone) that you use, or would like to use, for taking photographs for your blog.

Cost: Β£95
Location: Central London (venue tbc)
Time: 10am-5pm

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