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Pregnancy Portrait: Week 34


Week 34. Wow that is exciting. I've started getting things ready and I've even bought some nappies! One thing I do want to buy is a new sling. We have a couple that we've used with our other children but I'm still to find the perfect one for me. I want something that is super easy to take on and off, and that is comfortable enough to wear inside and out. I have a feeling that baby four might be in a sling a lot! Any recommendations welcome! 

On Monday we had a maternity shoot with the lovely Lisa Brown. So excited to see the images soon. The ones here were ones she kindly took on my iPhone at the end of the shoot. Thank you Lisa you were fabulous!

I am still feeling really well but I'm struggling to pick up the constant chaos that three children make off the floor. Picking stuff up and putting it away may need to be the big focus of the reward chart for the next 6 weeks I think.


Imagine Children's Festival - Southbank Centre

My new favourite magazine: Flow