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Imagine Children's Festival - Southbank Centre

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On Tuesday we all went to the Imagine Children's Festival at the Southbank Centr. We had kindly been given tickets to see The Queen's Knickers {thank you to the Southbank Centre and Davina for organizing}, which is a brilliant production for children 3+. We all laughed a lot and our children really loved it. It's a clever and entertaining story about the Queen's knickers and what happens when they go missing. I think the children loved the fast pace and all the different characters that were played by just two actors. And of course the knickers! The children have been quoting parts of it and laughing about it for the past two days, so that is definitely a sign of a good production.

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On Sunday we are going back again to go to Colour Me a Story, which I am particularly excited about. If you are looking for something to do in London this weekend with children then head down to the Southbank Centre. There is a big programme of activities to choose from, including many free ones. 

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We are combining our Sunday trip with a visit to the Light Show. I really can't wait for that! This time, however, we will be rather more prepared to navigate the lifts, ramps, etc. We have been to the Southbank Centre with the children so many times and yet each time we are baffled by the lack of useful signage for how to get around with a pushchair. For some reason I thought that as it was a children's festival this time things would be clear. It took us half an hour to actually get to the ticket office. If you are going this weekend and need to take a pushchair with you then be sure to ask someone straight away how to get in and get around. Not easy. But definitely worth it! 

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