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My new favourite magazine: Flow

Flow 001.jpg

A few weeks ago I had an email about a new magazine, Flow, for paper lovers and they asked if I'd like to review it. One click onto their website and I speedily replied yes please! 

I knew I was going to like Flow magazine but I didn't realise how much I was going to love it. I read a lot of magazines but this is hands down my new favourite. If I could make a magazine this would be it.

Flow 002.jpg
I love everything about it. This edition is split into four sections, Simplify your life, Feel connected, Live mindfully and Spoil yourself, with different paper used for each section and a beautiful divider between each one. 
Flow 006.jpg

It is full of inspiring ideas, people and things. 

Flow 007.jpg
Flow 008.jpg

And, this issue comes with beautiful wrapping paper and a lovely notebook with Japanese crafting ideas.

Flow 004.jpg
Flow 005.jpg

Flow is a Dutch magazine and this is the first international edition. I cannot wait for more!

You can buy it here, follow them on Facebook and sign-up for their newsletter. You can also take a little peek into this edition. Enjoy! 

Flow 010.jpg

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