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A Birthday Letter - Dear Max


My little Max is two today! Every year on my children's birthdays I write them a little letter they can read when they are older. Here is my one to Max. 

To my precious Max, 

Wow little guy, how are you two already? Happy Birthday! How very exciting to be two. This will be the year when you really change from being my baby to my little boy. The year when your lovely words will become amazing sentences. The year when you will learn to really play with your big brother and sister, and the year when you will become a big brother yourself.

You have been adorable ever since the moment you were born. You have made people who thought they never wanted children broody. You have a smile and laugh that is so infectious and you are so, so cute.

You adore your big sister who you call Mimi and you are starting to also really love your big brother who you call Ori. You love to follow them around and to try and join in with their games. You watch them longingly as they scoot along the pavements and you practice so hard on Oren's scooter when we are at home. It won't be long little guy and we'll let you scoot along with them but you just need to be a little bit bigger and little bit more street wise!

You love to draw and share all your pictures with us. You have started to really love books and it's so sweet when you come to me with a book, climb up on my lap and say 'story' with a big smile on your face! You love rockets and stars. And chocolate!

You have just started to learn how to get really grumpy and cross. This is all part of being two I'm afraid but I love that you have a pretty fast bounce back to happiness rate! I love to watch your personality grow. You certainly know what you want Mr Maxy!

You fill all our days with so much love and happiness. Please never stop giving out all your super sweet cuddles and kisses. And hold onto your love of the word happy forever.

Lots and lots of love and hugs today and always, 

Mummy xxxx

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