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Daily creativity


Every day I try my best to do something creative, however small. It helps me feel calm, grounded, alive, happy and positive. My 365 photograph a day project has been a brilliant way to be creative each day, even if I literally have two minutes to set up and take the photograph. I think about and plan my images during my day while I'm busy cooking dinner or walking to school, and then when I have those spare couple of minutes I grab my camera and create my images. 


It is not just my photography though. I love to draw with my children, to sew, to bake, to generally make stuff! And I love how this creativity just flows through our home and family. My husband's life rule of 'create something new every day' should probably be our family motto.


Today I will be spending the day with a lovely group of students on my Photography for Bloggers workshop. It's such an honour to be able to share my love of creating images and to hopefully leave another group of people inspired to grow in their own creativity.

Have a beautiful day and try to create something new today, however small. x

Sunday Sunshine

My favourite shop in the world opens online!