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Pregnancy Portrait: Week 33


Another week closer to meeting this little bundle of joy that is beginning to get rather heavy! I am so excited but still not quite ready. Having done this all three times before there's a part of me that knows I'm ready but there's also a bigger part of me that wants everything to stop for a moment so I can properly get ready. Not really in a practical way but in an emotional way. I need to be ready to be a mother of four and I need to be ready to labour and give birth.

I'll get there! This weekend is our weekend without the children, so I will definitely have some time to potter about and indulge in being pregnant. I'll have the head space to take it all in.

As today is Valentine's Day I have been thinking lots about love, which is also my word of the year for 2013. As I was packaging up some little Valentine treats for my three little ones I was thinking about how incredible a mother's love is. When I had my first child I loved her so very much I didn't know quite how I would have any more of this amazing love for my next child. But, as soon as he was born there it all came flooding out again, and just grows and grows each day. And of course when little Max arrived nearly two years ago the same thing happened, so I am safe in the knowledge that in a few weeks time this special mummy love will be ready and waiting for this little one. It's amazing, beautiful stuff! 

I hope you have a day full of love today! x

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