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Saving beautiful memories with Artifact Uprising

Artifactuprising 105.jpg

I first spotted Artifact Uprising's beautiful books a few months ago and at the time they sadly didn't ship to the UK. So I waited for what seemed like forever and regularly asked them on Twitter when I'd be able to order a book. And, eventually the day came and wow it was worth waiting for! 

I have been looking for a beautiful way to preserve my Little Things images for a while now and I had a feeling that the Artifact Uprising Instagram friendly books would be the one. And I wasn't wrong. The books are printed on stunning paper and the images, even though they are Instagram ones, look really good quality.

I am so, so happy with this first little book and plan to build up a series over the year. I also love the look of their hardcover and softcover books for my 365 project and for our family photographs. These books would also be brilliant for photographers to use for portrait sessions. And as for the calendar and boxes...wow! How lovely!

I love the different layout options and it's all really simple to use. I have been designing and using albums and photo books for many years, and when the process is simple, easy to use and it makes sense, it really does make a huge difference. 

The shipping costs to the UK are not great, so for my next order I will batch together a few books at a time. But that's ok. These books make me so happy that I won't mind waiting until I am ready to order a few! 

It is really important for me and my family to have prints and books of images. Looking through images really helps to preserve happy memories. I am always looking for great ways to do this, so thank you Artifact Uprising for creating such beautiful products!

{ps...this is not a sponsored post but just purely written from my heart for the love of what I've bought! x}

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