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That was January: This is February


Gosh I think that must have been the best start to the year we've had for quite a long while. Thank you January, apart from being a bit cold and dark you've been pretty wonderful.

Stef launched his new thing. I launched my new thing. Slightly different scales of new thing there but both lovely and exciting all the same.

Imogen started at her new school, just 5 minutes from home. It's pretty much my dream school for my children and knowing that they will all now go there (thank you sibling rule) is such a massive sense of both relief and security. And, Oren is also at the nursery there which is super lovely too.

Max has been learning so many new words that I can't keep up. He's pretty much the cutest almost two year old I've ever met. Of course I say that about all my children but right now it's the truth! 

Oren turned four! And I completed the first month of my 365 photo a day project as you can see from the pretty gallery below. I've really loved pushing myself to take an image every day. I do that on Instagram but it's great to be using my dSLR every day too, especially as I'm not shooting for clients this year.

So, February is looking pretty lovely too. Max will be two. I will be holding my first workshop for 2013. And we have half-term, adventures with friends and plenty of crafting, playing, laughing and having fun lined up too.

I hope you had a good January and that February has lots of loveliness in store for you. We're one month closer to Spring! x

Sunday Sunshine

Book of the week: The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson