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My 2013 365 project


Every day in 2013 I took a photograph with my dSLR camera - even on the day I went into labour - for my 365 project. When I set out at the beginning of the year I imagined that I would end the year with 365 beautiful images, which I would collect in a book. But, as the year progressed, I discovered this wasn't what it was all about for me. It wasn't about 365 amazing images. It was far more about the process. It was about having a daily ritual, something that was just for me. A creative meditation of anything between 30 seconds and 10 minutes, depending on how lucky I was on any given day. 


tulip 017.jpg

I composed images in my head during the day or in the evening the night before. I gathered props when I had moments. And then when I could grab my camera and enough light I created my image of the day. 


I learnt the best places to take photographs in our house and garden at all times of the year and all times of day. This is incredibly useful information, especially when photography has to fit around busy family life. There's not much time for messing around! 


I made quite a lot of mess. Little mini studio set-ups could be found all over the house. And I often had to move complicated Playmobil set-ups to get enough of the beloved white floorboards in my older children's bedroom! 


When I worked as a wedding photographer I had to get good at working quickly with people. This past year has been all about working quickly with flowers. It's also pushed my composition. I didn't really want 365 really similar images! 

day118 019.jpg

I have created some images that I really love and am proud of. And I will be doing something with these. Probably a book or a box of prints and I will try and choose my very favourite to put up at home. 


My 365 project was done on my dSLR but at the same time I took images with my iPhone and had a secondary 365 project on my Instagram stream in the form of a daily morning flower image and a friendly hello to start the day. I had so many lovely comments and messages from people about these images saying how much they made them smile in the morning. It was such a positive way to start my day too. I posted it before I got out of bed each morning and always made me feel full of joy (even after a night of very little sleep with baby Rudi!) My 365 project combined with my daily postings on Instagram enabled me to connect and inspire through my photography every day. 


And so my first 365 project has come to an end but I'm not ready to stop! I have thought long and hard about what to do as a daily ritual in 2014. There will be exercise, baking, creating, writing, drawing and relaxing every week and some every day as part of my 14 goals for 2014 but I also want to continue my daily photography. 


Today I began my 2nd 365 project. This year there will still be plenty of flowers but there will also be food photography, more styling projects and many portraits too. I will share on Flickr and my Instagram stream will continue to be my photographic sketchbook. 


Are you inspired to start a 365 project or have you just finished one? You don't need a fancy camera, just a daily commitment to a moment of creativity. Enjoy! x


{ps...in conclusion, pink flowers are definitely my favourites!} 

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