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14 for 2014


I do love to start the year with some goals. It's like a little list of hopes and wishes for the year ahead. Not resolutions but things I would like to achieve, focus on and aim for. Time moves all too quickly these days and I like having a list to refer to throughout the year to help me to remember where I was at the start of the year and what I planned to do. 

I didn't achieve all of my 13 for 2013 but they did help to inspire me during the past year and I will save any of the things I would still like to do for another time. 

So, here goes... my 14 goals for 2014: 

1. Relax, breathe and be calm

2. Get fit and healthy {this year I will finally finish a wonderful but exhausting 8 year cycle of pregnancy and breastfeeding, so it will be time to get fit and healthy again.} 

3. Connect with friends in person, by post or by phone call. {ie in more than 140 characters at a time!}

4. Bake 14 new things

5. Create - Make (at least) 14 things

6. Explore - Go to 14 new places {near or far}

7. Shoot more videos {I was all fired up after this, so need to get into a video shooting rhythm.} 

8. Gardening {I love gardening and haven't done enough over the past few years, so this is the year I will get back into it. A lovely thing to do as a family too.} 

9. Photography {continue to work on my personal portfolio} 

10. Save up for something {I haven't decided what yet but there's something so lovely about saving up and then treating yourself} 

11. Pamper - book a massage, a facial and a pedicure {this is so overdue and very much needed. This body of mine has given so much to four little ones, it needs a bit of care. I am always promising to make time for these things but never making it happen.} 

12. Read four novels {since having children I haven't read many novels and I really miss reading. I am setting a realistic number here but who knows, I may find my flow and read many more.} 

13. Drawing {two of my children can now draw so much better than I can. I want to release my drawing inhibitions and draw more. I bought myself this as a beautiful starting point.} 

14. Take enough time off and work on what 'time off' needs to be for me to make me feel well, balanced and happy. 

Have you made any goals for 2014? I feel ready to embrace the new year now. I think it's going to be a good one! x

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