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A birthday letter to Imogen

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Seven years ago today I became a Mummy for the first time when my little girl Imogen was born. Little did I know on that day that seven years later she would be celebrating her birthday with two brothers and a sister. We have had a very special weekend indeed. 


Every year I write a letter to my children on their birthdays. I plan to put them together in a book for them when they are older. Here's Imogen's 7th birthday letter: 


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To my wonderful Imogen, 

Wow! You are 7! You've been eagerly waiting for this day for the past few months. I hope that you've loved celebrating in style this weekend with your spin painting party at Colour Makes People Happy yesterday and ice-skating at Somerset House today. I loved all the planning and it's been so wonderful to see your beautiful, happy face all weekend. 

This past year you became a big sister for the third time when your sweet little sister Rudi was born. You were so shocked when we phoned you to tell you the baby was a girl that you couldn't speak. I know that you were secretly hoping for a sister but in your wonderful way you had convinced yourself you were having another brother. You told me that as you love your brothers so much you would be happy to have another one. You are the best big sister ever! The boys and Rudi adore you. You are so very kind to them all and they are so lucky to have you. I love it when I hear you teaching them new things or watch you cuddle them when they are feeling sad. 

This year you lost your first milk teeth, started a new school and learnt to ride your bike without stabilisers. You simply shine at all that you do and continue to amaze me every single day. I love listening to you read your books and make up your own stories at bedtime. Your creativity keeps on growing and your drawings are just wonderful. I cannot wait to see what you do with the camera we gave  you for your birthday today.

When you grow up you would like to be an artist and a scientist. You'd never guess your parents' backgrounds!

You are such a kind and thoughtful girl, and you bring so much love and joy into my every day. I love you so, so much Imogen and am incredibly proud to be your Mummy. 

Enjoy being 7. Treasure it all and don't rush your way through the year. I think you're going to love being 7 very much indeed. 

With lots of love today and always,

Mummy xxx

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