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Book of the week: Troll Swap


This week's Book of the Week is Troll Swap by Leigh Hodgkinson. As always I was drawn to this book by the wonderful illustrations. 


This is the story of a troll who isn't very like a troll.  


And a little girl who is far more like a troll than the troll!  


They meet one day and decide to swap lives, so that they can be themselves without making anyone cross or disappointing anyone.  

I love the use of different fonts to illustrate how the girl and the troll talk!  


They enjoy having fun being a troll and a little girl for a while but soon it gets a bit boring because they are just how they are expected to be...and where's the fun in that?! The other trolls and the parents all get a bit bored too. 

So, they swap back again and return to enjoying being different to the norm. Full of wonderful messages about being unique, individual and accepting people for who they are. And jam-packed with fun, colourful illustrations. One enjoyed by all my children - from 7 months-almost 7!

I also want to share this cute little shop by the author!   



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