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Always Be Creating - Advent Calendar


Welcome to the start of my Christmas making series! I'm kicking this off with this super easy Advent Calendar that I made last year for my children. Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while may recognise it as I did share it last year but a little bit too late for people to actually make it! So, I thought I would share it again.  

I simply made a little bag for each child (I'll have to make another one for Rudi this year!), added a name tag and pegged it to some ribbon. I also pegged a number, which I changed each evening when I filled the bags. It's a super quick and very simply advent calendar but it can be used again and again over the years. My children loved it and I can't wait to get it out again in a few weeks time. 



I used this sweet fabric by Laurie Wisbrun, which the children loved. The Homemakery also has some lovely Christmas fabrics, which would be great to use. 

Last year I filled the bags with a mixture of Christmas chocolates on some days and Playmobil figures on others, ending with a Playmobil Father Christmas on Christmas Eve!  

This year I'm planning a similar thing but I'm also going to make up little craft kits for some of the days. Christmas stamps & ink, Christmas stickers, paperchains, glittery pipe cleaners, that kind of thing. And yesterday I spotted this delightful kids' washi tape, which will definitely be popping into the advent calendars or Christmas stockings this year!  


If you have a go at making an advent calendar like this I'd love to see it! I will be back again next Friday with another festive creation. I'm hoping that by committing myself to sharing with you each week, that this year I will not be leaving everything to the last minute. Watch this space! 

Happy making! x



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