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Seven Months With Baby Rudi

Rudi7months 014.jpg

Little Rudi is 7 months today! And yes, she's still smiling and definitely still the happiest baby we've ever met. I love how her little character is growing each week. She still loves to be with her brothers and sister and I love how they make her giggle. She's not quite crawling but she is able to move quite far, especially when she sees something she wants. She's eaten some of my magazine corners and has started to discover that Max' toys are far more interesting than hers. Poor Max!  

Rudi7months 018.jpg

I love this age. I love all the interaction and I love watching Rudi master new things. However, she has taken me by surprise a couple of times. Like the day I left the room for a few moments and came back to find this...

Rudi7months 005.jpg

Rudi had reached so far out of her Bumbo that she'd managed to swipe Imogen's half-eaten yoghurt off the coffee table!  

Rudi7months 004.jpg
 What's wrong Mummy?

What's wrong Mummy?

She is certainly loving her food!  

Rudi7months 008.jpg
Rudi7months 016.jpg

Rudi, we love you so much. We love all your smiles and your sweet little voice. We love how you giggle like crazy when you're tired at bedtime. And we love how you start everyday with your happy chats and singing. There is no better way to start each new day.  

Here's to many more adventures with you this month! xxx

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