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Book of the week: Aunt Amelia


This week's Book of the Week is another book by one of our favourite writers and illustrators Rebecca Cobb. "Aunt Amelia" is full of cute and charming illustrations that make us all so happy. 


This book tells the story of Aunt Amelia who comes to stay to look after these two sweet children while Mum and Dad go away. At first they are shy and worried about Aunt Amelia but they soon discover she is simply the best babysitter in the world. 


Mum leaves a list of instructions and Aunt Amelia breaks every rule on the list, resulting in the most magical and exciting day for the children. 


Just before Mum and Dad come home they tidy the house up, so they never know about all the treats, games and adventures. They return to find two happy children who are very keen for Aunt Amelia to come back soon! 


I love this sweet story, which takes me back to childhood memories of time spent with Grandparents and some special babysitters. And I just adore Aunt Amelia's hat! 

This is a lovely book for young children and is currently being enjoyed by my 2, 4 and 6 year olds. 

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