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Always Be Creating - Festive Garlands

festivegarland 016.jpg

This week I have been busy making festive garlands. This first one is super easy and fun to make, so it's great for this busy time of year. 

Gather together some ribbons, sequins, pompoms and fabric scraps in your favourite Christmas colours then simply start tying them onto a length of ribbon. 

festivegarland 019.jpg

Keep tying your pretty things along your ribbon until you have your desired length. 

festivegarland 015.jpg

Then hang it up and smile! 

festivegarland 017.jpg

My next garland is a festive version of one I made a couple of months ago with the lovely tutorial from Lotts & Lots. 

festivegarland 008.jpg
festivegarland 009.jpg

I love both these garlands because I think you could have them up throughout Winter and not just for Christmas. They would also be lovely to use for parties. 

Happy making! x

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