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Book of the Week: Penguin's Hidden Talents


This week's book of the week is 'Penguin's Hidden Talent' by Alex Latimer. My children loved reading 'Lion vs. Rabbit' and 'The Boy who called Ninja', so when I spotted this book I thought they would enjoy it too. 


This is the story of a talent contest. All the animals have different talents and are all getting ready to compete in the talent contest. All except for Penguin who doesn't think he has any special talents. 


So, Penguin hosts the contest and watches everyone else doing wonderful things. But he feels really sad that he can't enter and is the only one of his friends to go home without a prize. 

His friends decide to cheer him up with a special party to say thanks for organising a great talent contest. 


Sadly they make a terrible job of it and suddenly Penguin realises he does have a special talent. He is brilliant at organising events! 


So, he organises a great party to celebrate his special talent. What a fun party it looks! 

I love the story and the illustrations, and the important message that we all have a talent even if we might not realise yet. A lovely book to share with your children. 


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