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Hooray for October and Hello November!

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Hooray for October being more brilliant and jam-packed with amazing opportunities and exciting stuff than I could ever imagine. Most of the wonderful things that happened will all be revealed in the coming months but I can share that I will be holding a photography workshop at the new West Elm store in January. Details of that coming soon! The new store opens in London on December 5th and I am super excited! 

Talking of photography workshops, I held one of my Make Light photography for bloggers workshops in October and it was another wonderful day. My students are just so lovely and they inspire me just as much as I hope I inspire them. After the workshops I create a Facebook group for them and I just love how much they connect, share and encourage each other. It makes me so, so happy. If you are interested in joining a workshop with me next year then I'm starting to release my 2014 dates.  

Unfortunately I have also been quite poorly during October, which wasn't quite so amazing. So, November will have a heavy focus on taking care of myself, trying hard to get some more sleep, rest, pottering time and calm. November is perfect for all that isn't it? Snuggling under a blanket on the sofa with a good book or magazine, candles lit and everything feeling super cosy.  

November is also about starting to plan and make for the festive season and my little (big) girl's birthday. I am really hoping to get a bit ahead this year, so I actually have time to make all the things I want to, rather than planning them all and then it suddenly being all a bit too late. I will be sharing things as I make them here too, so hopefully that will give me the incentive to keep it all ticking along at a happy pace! 

This month is also about taking some time to focus on this blog and my plans for the coming year, while taking Holly Becker's Blogging Your Way course. It started today and I'm just so excited to be doing it again. Holly has chosen me to organise and host a London Blogging Your Way meet-up, so I'm super happy that I will be meeting up with fellow students for an afternoon of fun very soon.

I hope you have a good November planned. What are your favourite things to do this month? If you are stuck for ideas I love this Autumn bucket list from Spotted Rose and she's sharing her tutorials for some of the things as she ticks them off her list. Such a sweet idea. 

Happy November! x


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