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Six months with Baby Rudi

rudi6months 001.jpg

Sunday was Rudi's 6 month birthday. A whole half a year old already and just look how happy she is about that! She's still the happiest baby I've ever met and so excited about life. 

rudi6months 004.jpg

She loves watching her brothers and sister play and last week shook with excitement when Max showed her the Duplo! 

rudi6months 007.jpg
rudi6months 008.jpg

She is just so full of character and cheekiness. I want to hold onto every moment of her being a baby but at the same time I get excited by every new milestone and development. I adore her little voice and all her new sounds. So much to say for such a little poppet! 

rudi6months 009.jpg
rudi6months 010.jpg
rudi6months 014.jpg

I am probably the proudest Mama in the World today. Just look at my little crew!  

rudi6months 012.jpg
Rudi6months 018.jpg

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