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It's the Little Things

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As a busy mum to four little children and a wife to a super busy husband it is the little things in life, which often keep me going. Each week I will be writing a "it's the little things" post to share with you the things that have made me smile. The little things in life as so important but we often let them slip by. Appreciate the little things. They are precious.

This week's little things:  

I hope you've had a lovely week and found a few moments to appreciate the little things. Some days go by so fast I feel like I've completely missed everything about it. Before my children started school some days would go so slowly but now I'm desperately trying to hold onto the days as they seem to disappear in a flash. Stopping to notice the little things helps me slow down a little. 

Max sets the best example of appreciating the little things at the moment. A trip to the sweet shop for a lollipop, a walk to the park or just being pushed around the garden on his bike all fill him with so much joy. Nearly all of the time when you say "how are you doing Max?" he will say "Max is happy!" in the happiest little voice, usually accompanied by a little dance. 

It's such a delight to watch him and to spend time with him. Yes, he gets grumpy, yes he has two year old tantrums occasionally and he definitely gets tired but a cuddle usually fixes it pretty quickly.  

And, my favourite thing he says is "not raining Mummy, the sun shining!" This is how the weather is every day as long as it's not raining. I love that, as it feels like he's expressing his attitude to life even on the greyest of days!  

I also love the fact that he spent all day covered in glitter as the tooth fairy visited his big sister last night and left a little pot of fairy dust for her. She shared it with her brothers this morning. Too cute! It really is the little things that make me smile! x

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