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37 Today!

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It's my birthday today! I love birthdays don't you? I don't just love the cake, cards and presents but I love the time to reflect on the year that has passed and the year that is ahead. I also love to take a moment to realise just how lucky I am to have such an amazing family and so many wonderful friends. Some days I am so busy being caught up in motherhood and all the routines of the day that I can sometimes lose myself. Birthdays are such a lovely way to reconnect and take a moment to breathe in love and happiness!  

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This year past year has been incredible. We moved back to London and have finally come to a place that we are super happy to call home for a very long time and that is such a good feeling!  Stef started his new company, where lots of amazing things are happening already. Baby Rudi arrived in the most beautiful way and is the perfect final addition to our super cute family. I started the Crafty Fox Boxes. I finished the Crafty Fox Boxes! My little boy started school. And so many other lovely things in between! 

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 {I made this sweet Liberty garland following this lovely DIY}

I am now looking forward to being 37 and all that this next year holds for me. I am not so sure about being another year closer to 40. Perhaps I need to write my 40 before 40 list sooner than I thought! But I am looking forward to lots of making, writing, photography, playing, adventures, family time, continuing to get my body back into shape after 7 years of pregnancy and breastfeeding (yikes!), catching up with friends near and far, learning new things and celebrating the little things every day.  

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I am also very excited about choosing my shed at the weekend! Here's a cute little prototype that Stef and the children made for me. I'm going to create my happy place, full of making and creating. Can't wait to show you all soon! x


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