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Being at home

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I have always enjoyed spending time at home, pottering about and feeling cosy but I also love to go out on adventures, to explore new places and see lovely things. Living in London there is always so much to do and I am always planning things and finding things I want to show the children. I want us to have magical family days out exploring art galleries, museums, parks and sometimes I want us to drive out into the countryside or to see the sea. But, right now I think we need to spend more time at home. Rudi is just 6 months old and juggling her needs with those of her siblings have meant that we've had some rather difficult days out recently.

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I always have beautiful ideas in my head of how the weekend adventure will be but as the day begins to go pear-shaped, usually before we've even left the house, I start to get really upset. We start to try and change the plan to fit into the time we now have left but it gets more and more stressful. Rudi then needs another feed or sleep, so the plans have to change again. And then we discover we've left something at home or we need to stop for a toilet break. Then everyone is hungry because suddenly it's lunchtime. All they want is chips or a ham sandwich but the only place we can find does fancy potato wedges, which are all spicy or ham sandwiches with mustard. There are tears. Four hungry children. Two exhausted parents. Nappies in the wrong size. A buggy with a flat tyre. It starts raining, we discover we have only brought two coats with us. You get the idea! A day that was supposed to be full of happy memory making is suddenly a big day of fail. 


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It won't always be like this. Every month that goes by is easier than the month before. But we need to enjoy this time and not battle with it. We all enjoy being at home, playing, making, baking, watching films, reading, napping...just being. We can pop out to one of the local parks or the shops if we need to. Everyone's routines can be catered for. We can all enjoy being together, having family time, making happy memories but just keeping everything a little bit simpler. 

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There will be so many weekends full of adventures as our children grow up and I'm really looking forward to them but right now I'm giving myself permission to calm down, slow down and just enjoy being close to home at the weekends. I wanted to share this with you today because I'm sure there are other families out there feeling the same way, feeling the need to do all the things, wanting to share so much with their children but realising that staying at home can be just as lovely.  

This Autumn/Winter I will be planning lots of activities to do at home or close to home, to keep things happy and simple for all of us. By the time Spring arrives again I will have a 7,5,3 and 1 year old, which is already sounding like a whole different ball game and who knows we may be ready to venture slightly further afield!  


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