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Pregnancy Portrait - Week 28


Goodness me...I have a midwife appointment this morning and thanks goodness I do because otherwise I would have had no idea that I'm 28 weeks already and actually now in my 3rd trimester. Oh. I blame Christmas for getting in the way but it really is just down to the fact that I'm so busy with my three little ones that this pregnancy is passing by far, far too quickly for my liking.

I am super excited about meeting my baby but I absolutely love being pregnant and as this is the last time I will be I'd like time to slow down enough for me to take it all in and enjoy it.

I am really loving all the wriggles and kicks. I always think that they really help connect you with your baby before the birth. And they make me remember I'm pregnant and have a little chat to my little one. It's all such an amazing and incredible time, even if I have done this three times before. I am still feeling really well and apart from the tiredness caused by little people not sleeping so well, I am still full of energy. Long may this last please. 

We've chosen our names (although they will remain top secret until the baby arrives!) and it's all starting to feel very real, even if I can't remember how many weeks pregnant I am! I keep hearing the children talking about the baby too, which is just so cute. My favourite baby conversation recently was this one: 

"Mummy, who was the biggest baby?" (Imogen, age 6)

"Oren was the biggest. He was 9 pounds 12."

(Gasp) "You had to pay for him?"

How I giggled! I am so super excited about being a family of six! 

Book of the week: Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett

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