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Pregnancy portrait: Week 31

This week I've definitely been feeling very pregnant! The little one has been busy kicking and wriggling and certainly showing his/her presence. I've been feeling a bit more tired but fortunately am feeling very well and apart from Max waking me up in the night I'm sleeping well too. 

I had my consultant appointment today, which went really well. I have to see the consultant each time as I had a c-section with Imogen as she was breech. I had Oren and Max naturally and without any drugs, and am (fingers crossed!) planning to do the same again. I'd love to have a home birth but we've decided to go with a hospital one just in case of any complications. I have big babies and I'm not that big! The team of midwives I have this time is like a dream come true. I have all my appointments at home and the same team are at the birth in hospital and do the after care too. In the past I've gone to hospital and met the midwife on duty for the very first time. This can be quite daunting when you're in the middle of labour and having to discuss all sorts of things, including past births, your birth plan etc. I went to hospital to have Max with an hour to go, so I was hardly in the right head space to be discussing things like that! This time everything is being written down, read, checked and double checked. They are meeting with both Stef and me in a few weeks to go through the birth plan again, so that everyone knows the plan on the day. And it also gives us the opportunity to discuss all those what if situations. Labour and birthing take up all your mental energy, particularly if you're doing it without drugs, so it's fantastic to know that all these conversations are happening before the day itself. 

I have started practicing my breathing and relaxation techniques. I've used hypno-birthing, yoga and positive visualisations for all my births, even the planned c-section with Imogen, and I've had very empowering birth experiences as a result. It's not for everyone I know but for me it's been brilliant.

The little cushion in the photograph is a present from me to the little one. I've loved this cushion for ages and I couldn't resist it any longer. I'm so pleased with it too, the quality is beautiful and it's going to be lovely for photographs. It's made by Robin and Mould who have a beautiful selection of things in their Etsy shop. I may be popping back for more soon!

Happy Thursday! xx

Book of the week: The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson

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