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Pregnancy Portrait 30 weeks (I think!)


{photograph kindly taken by the lovely Sophie from Crown & Glory}

Right, I seem to have completely lost track of how pregnant I am. I think I might now be 29 weeks rather than 30 weeks as I first thought. But not to worry as this little one will arrive when it's ready to arrive and I have a rough idea of when that will be. I quite like not obsessing over all the numbers and dates as I've done in past pregnancies. It feels beautifully natural and I like that.

I had my flu and whopping cough jabs this week to protect the baby and me. My boys came with me and glared at the nurse and then asked if I would now be going to the toy shop for a treat as I'd been so brave! I bought myself some flowers instead and am glad I did because the injections have actually made me feel pretty grotty and extremely tired. Worth having them though, so I am not complaining too much. 

The bigger this little one gets, the more I feel connected to him/her, and the more excited I get. I'm sure I say every week but I really do feel so lucky and special to be having a fourth baby. I know lots of people think I'm utterly mad but it's completely wonderful too. As I have written about in the past this little one has come after we sadly lost a baby when I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2011, so it does feel even more special, lucky and exciting as I wasn't ever sure that I would be able to have another baby. 

One of my boys was cuddling a little baby the other day and it melted my heart. I can't wait for the baby to meet his/her brothers and sister. This baby is going to get so much love!

If you are currently pregnant too I hope you are feeling well and happy. x

{Oh I signed up to a pregnancy email newsletter thing to check my dates and I am indeed 30 weeks pregnant!}

Sunday Sunshine

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