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A birthday letter: Dear Oren

Every year on their birthday I write a letter to my little ones for them to read when they are older. Oren turned four yesterday and here is his birthday letter:

To my precious Oren,

Wow, you are 4 years old today. How very exciting.

You have had a wonderful year and I don't think you have stopped talking, telling jokes, making me laugh and drawing amazing monsters!

You adore your big sister and are slowly becoming friends with your little brother, who you are so proud now calls you Ori! You spend hours and hours playing Playmobil with Imogen from playing first thing in the morning before she goes to school to playing last thing before you go to bed.

This year you have become a big dinosaur fan and had a dinosaur themed party with your little friends yesterday. Your favourite thing it to go to the Natural History Museum, which you call the Dinosaur museum and your collection of dinosaurs just keeps growing.

A few months ago we moved to our new home in London and you were a super star at settling into our new home and your new nursery. You have made some sweet friends on our road and quickly discovered where to get the best chips, your favourite sweeties and your Skylander cards!

You have lots to look forward to this year. Your baby brother or sister will be born in April and you will start school in September. How grown-up! I think you are going to love school. It will make me a little bit sad to watch you grow-up and become more independent but as you tell me you will always be my little guy!

Sometimes you get grumpy, like we all do, usually because you are hungry, tired or in need of a milk and monkey break. When you are tired you make me laugh because you let me know you are grumpy by saying "I am rubbish now mummy because I'm tired!" But even when you get grumpy or cross, or get into trouble for doing something naughty you bounce back faster than I've ever seen anyone do, with a sorry, a smile and a big hug. And then all is well again. I can't tell you how much I appreciate and love that.

You have the sweetest heart, the biggest smile and the best sense of humour. You fill all my days with sunshine and are one big bubble of joy.
Love you forever and ever,
Mummy x

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