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Pregnancy portrait - 29 weeks

baby 29 weeks 02.JPG

So, another week has whizzed by and I'm actually starting to feel really pregnant and this little baby's feet are getting bigger! And I am getting super excited and even starting to get things ready. Given how busy I am with my other children this is probably a good idea. Doing a little bit of baby stuff each week will mean there's not a last minute panic about getting all the baby things out, washed and ready. Not to mention getting my head in gear for labour, birth, breast-feeding, etc. I am going to start writing a bit about all of that from next week as a way of focussing my attention on it. I may have done this three times already but I think there's something important to be said about preparing your body and mind for what is coming soon. I have laboured without drugs and wanting to do the same again I need to give my mind some time to prepare. In a good but important way.

baby 29 weeks 01.JPG

I bought this sweet little cardigan in the JoJo Maman Bebe sale this week. Perfect for a girl or a boy and just so cute. Although we have enough baby clothes for a girl or a boy I do like to get each baby a few things that are just for them. Especially if they are in the sale!

I have also fallen in love with this beautiful idea from my friend Davina, so I've added that to my list of things to make before the baby arrives. 

baby 29 weeks 03.JPG

If you are pregnant too I hope you are taking it easy as much as possible and feeling well. x 

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