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ABC Play Blocks - A review

As my third child little Max gets a huge amount of hand-me-downs from his older brother and sister, both clothes and toys, so when I was offered the opportunity to choose something from the lovely My 1st Years company for Max to review I jumped at the chance. He was sent the cute ABC Play Blocks, which come in their own little personalised bag. I particularly like the fact that Max had something to play with that was clearly labelled as his! I love my children sharing (or should I say learning to share) their toys but it's also nice for them to have a few special things that are just for them. And, his big brother and sister can't really argue with a toy that has his name on it!

As you can see from the pictures Max has had lots of fun with the blocks already! The blocks are a lovely size for little hands and very colourful. They also have black and white spots on two sides, which I am guessing is for young babies to look at. Each letter has a corresponding image, so you can teach sounds and words with the blocks too. The only trouble is that these are American English blocks, so some of the letters and images are a little bit confusing. P for ice-lolly doesn't really work for example!

My 1st Years has a large range of gifts if you are looking for something with a little one's name on. 


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