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Growing into friends


My eldest two children (now 6 and almost 4) are very close and best of friends. My youngest gets on well with my 6 year old, in fact he adores her and she loves him too. But it's taken until now for my (oh so nearly) 4 year old to become friends with my little guy, who will be 2 in February. I didn't expect anything else. I knew I would have to be patient like I did with my older two but I can't deny that I have been waiting excitedly for this little friendship to start to blossom. To watch them grow as brothers and to chat away to each other as they do with their big sister.

It took Imogen and Oren until they were a similar age to really start to become friends and to play together, and their relationship has continued to grow and get stronger all the time. Five and three was even better and now they are just hitting 6 and 4 it's even better than that! And I love it so much. Yes, they all argue at least once (5 million!) times a day but the love they have for each other is so precious and I hope it lasts forever.

It's the little things

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