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My word of the year: Love

My word of the year: Love

Last year I chose calm as my word for the year. It was the first year that I had used this idea (thanks Susannah, you are brilliant!) and it was a perfect way to keep reconnecting with where I wanted to be throughout the year, especially at times when calm would have been very far away from my thoughts. Thinking about the word actually helped to calm me down. So simple but so true! I still need to work on being calm, so I will keep this word with me but I am adding my 2013 word, Love,  to it. 

This is the year that I am focussing on being a mother, so I wanted to choose a word connected with that. There is no doubt that I love my children and love being their mummy so, so much but there are times when looking after three little children (soon to be four) when I'm exhausted, fed-up, all out of patience, overcome by all the mess and chaos, and ready to put them to bed before we've even got to 9am!! When I am up in the middle of the night with one of them or woken up at 5am by another remembering love really does help. Or when I collect a tired, grumpy child from school or can't do anything without a child on my lap or hip, remembering love helps keep me going. 

It is also much easier to do the boring stuff that comes with being a mother and running a home if you do it with love. You know all those boring chores of washing, tidying, clearning, tidying again, folding endless piles of clothes, and all that stuff, well if I think I am doing this with love for the most important people in my life, it all feels so much better. 

I feel a little bit silly choosing this as my word because it's a bit obvious and easy. It feels a bit crazy to have to remind myself that I love my children and my husband because it's the one thing I know for sure. This word should just come as given and I wondered whether I really should choose something else instead but it's stuck with me as the one to go for. 

This year is going to be full-on. Wonderfully full-on but in about 3 months time I am going to have 4 children 6 and under and it really is going to take a lot of energy, patience, kindness, and of course love. When I have a moment of exhaustion, panic, chaos, I am hoping that I can take a few moments to focus on the love, fill my heart and return with renewed energy. 

I lost my dear Grandma a few months ago and I often think of her when I am having a wobbly moment, particularly when I am up in the night with one of my children and have a heavy heart because I really want to be in bed! When she talked to me about being a mother when her children were little, she clearly had so much love and patience, that I have never forgotten the things she told me. So, my word it also for my Grandma, so that I can hold her in my heart as I make my way through the year. 

It is not just the tricky stuff but doing all the fun stuff with love makes it all the more wonderful too. Remembering love makes me want to play more, dance and sing more, create more, have more adventures and just completely indulge my children with love. And, what happens when you give and share love each day? You fill up with love in return! I think it's going to be a beautiful year whatever lies ahead. 

Have you got a word for the year? I'd love to hear them. 

It's the little things

It's the little things

A happy year of sharing