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Get set, ready, go - start-up life begins again

Tomorrow begins our next journey into start-up life as Stef begins his latest venture. Last year was split between start-up life and freelancer life but now it's swinging right back into start-up life and I'm pretty excited about what this next year holds. 

We have been at this point many times before but this time I feel like a pretty grown-up, experienced start-up wife! Perhaps this is because we've been through many tough, scary, stressful as well as amazing, exciting, inspiring times in start-up life, and I'm just feeling a lot tougher and wiser. I feel that together we've learnt so much. Yes, it's Stef doing all the work but the holding it together at home, talking a lot about work at home and helping to keep a bit of a check on reality, are equally important to a successful start-up. Good food, baking and keeping a calm, happy home, also help more than you can imagine if/when crazy hours, big decisions etc. kick in! 

Now that I'm officially a start-up wife again I will be writing lots more about being one, the highs, the lows, ways I've found to be a happy start-up wife, and hopefully connecting with lots more start-up wives/husbands/partners, so please do say hello if you are one too! I am looking forward to sharing this new adventure with you. Let's hope it's an exciting, happy one!

So, as we reach the last day of Stef's holiday and our last day pre-start-up, I am definitely feeling excited but it's more of a muted excitement this time around. An excitement that is combined with experience of what has been before. However, what is lovely this time is that while being a little cautious about holding onto my emotions, I am not stressed or nervous about this one. And that's a nice place to be. So, here goes... 



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