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13 for 2013

Happy New Year! 

Last year I decided that instead of resolutions I would make a list of 12 things I wanted to try and achieve in 2012. It really helped to have a list that I could refer to throughout the year and it was a lovely feeling when things got ticked off the list. I have just been looking back over my list again and am thrilled about what I did manage to achieve in 2012. Some of my plans changed, so the children's photography aim has been shelved for a future date and I still haven't got back behind the wheel and driven the car but all in all I think I've done pretty well. 

So, here goes for 2013:

1. De-clutter and simplify - I have been working on this one for years and not really getting very far. But after a huge clear-out when we moved back to London I am on a roll and want to continue. I know it makes such a difference to every day life, especially with a young, busy family. 

2. Make a quilt for baby four and actually finish it! - I started a quilt for my first baby and didn't ever finish it, so I am determined that the one I make over the next 3 months will be completed. I'm going for an easier design and have been collecting fabric that I really love, both which will hopefully enable it to happen! 

3. Plan the calendar. - Last year I made sure that we planned things for us to do each month and when we moved to London I filled our calendar with fun things to ensure that we made the most of being back in the city we love. It worked so well that I want to continue it this year, although I am aware that I must also be very good at leaving free weekends for us to recharge if we need to or go with the flow and wake up to an unexpected adventure. 

4. Learn to wear red lipstick! - I have never mastered this and never found a shade to suit me. 

5. Grow my blog - I have loved writing this blog over the past year and I have some new plans for it, starting with a redesign coming soon. Stay tuned! 

6. Accept and embrace the chaos - I'm not sure I will ever really master this but perhaps if I fulfil number 1 then this will get a little easier. There will be chaos in my home for many years to come. It's all part of life with young children and a big family. I need to get better at accepting that my house can't look like it's a page in a magazine but it will always be a space full of love. 

7. Continue to work on calm and patience - an ongoing, lifelong project I am sure but this is one that is so valuable for motherhood and life in general that I want to make sure I am reminding myself to practice improving my patience and ability to be calm every day. 

8. Get enough sleep. This isn't always in my control as this week with Max has demonstrated but what I can do is decide to put an early night above everything else when I need to have one. When you are with children all day long, evenings are precious for doing so many things but getting enough sleep is so, so important for keeping sane and happy, and particularly in trying to achieve number 7!

9. Learn to drive again. Oh do I really have to put this one on here again? Grrr....yes I do! And I will continue to put it on my year lists until I've done it. I will not be defeated! 

10. Cook 13 new dishes. I loved doing this in 2012 and this year I get to add an extra dish! Perhaps I'll blog and share this time too. 

11. Preserve the memories. Writing this blog has helped me to preserve so many memories in 2012 but I want to keep it up with physical things too, like my Little Things books, prints on our fridge, the memory box and our year books. 

12. Shoot polaroid and other personal work. I will be shooting very little professional photography in 2013 but I want to make sure that I am still shooting for myself and continuing to develop as a photographer. I am going to try and do a 365 project but we'll see how far I get with that. I am hoping that I might sell some prints again too, so watch this space! 

13. Be in the moment at least once a day, every day. I worked on this in 2012 but a bit like the patience and calmness, I want to practice it daily. Children are amazing at doing this all the time, so I have the best teachers in the world right here with me. 

 I am very excited to have two courses lined up to help me begin 2013 packed full of inspiration. This one for my family and this one for my blog, although they will actually both impact both my blog and my family. How very lovely is that? 

Have you got some goals for 2013? Did you achieve things in 2012 that you're proud of today? I'd love to hear your goals and achievements. It's always so good to be inspired by others. 

I wish you a beautiful and happy 2013.

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