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Looking forward to 2013

On the final day of 2012 I have realised that I really am ending this year full of contentment. We have had a year full of some quite serious challenges and stresses but particularly over the past 6 months things have really started to go the way we have been planning. When I look back at the whole year I remember some serious down points but I definitely have an overall feeling that it was a good year. The good stuff has knocked all that bad stuff sideways, and I like that a lot! We are also ending the year pretty much exactly where we'd hoped and planned to be. We have baby 4 arriving in a few months, we are back in London, I have (very nearly) finished my photography work for the moment and Stef has a new start-up opening on Thursday! 

As I start to think about 2013 and what I'd like to do and achieve I am very aware that I need to think in the now. In the year when I will have a 6,4,2 year old and newborn baby, I know that motherhood is going to the focus of my year and that's exactly as I want it to be. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have my beautiful children and I definitely want them to be my focus this year But as always I do have plans for my things too and I know that while I can do some of those this year, I also need to put some things on hold for a while. And that is completely okay and exactly as I want to be, so when I read this it really made my smile. Andrea's words about delaying some plans when your little ones are young are just so perfect for me to hear right now, and have given me the confidence to slow down this coming year. 

It doesn't stop the planning though! And, I have started to make plans over the past couple of weeks about where I'd like to be in 12 months time with regards to carving out something new for me that will enable me to justify (and afford!) having one day of childcare a week, with the rest of my time spent with my children. As I have slowly wound down my photography business over the past 18 months or so I have been learning along the way about what I need to keep me happy as a person and as a mother. I adore my little ones as I'm sure my readers will know but in order to keep my love, patience and calmness flowing I am also very aware that I need some time that's for me and for my work, whatever that may be. 

I am in the very fortunate position of not needing to rush this process and of already having planned to take a year off with my little ones ,and to prepare for and welcome our fourth little one into our family in the Spring. So, as I prepare for the arrival of the new year I am going to remind myself to go slow, to keep planning and building but at a very steady pace. This year is the year I devote to my children and there is nothing wrong in delaying plans and ideas until the time is right. Over the next few weeks I will hopefully be launching something new but as I do so I will keep tight reigns on my urge to grow too quickly. It will start small and grow with the time and energy I have available for it. And at the same time I will probably be madly filling all the lovely notebooks I got for Christmas with too many ideas and plans!

I have made my 2013 version of my 12 things for 2012, which I will share with you tomorrow. I feel more ready than ever to start this new year and I hope you do too. Have you made any plans or resolutions? Are you ready to begin another year? 

And so here's to 2013. The year where we will become six. Let the chaos, madness, love and happiness begin! x

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