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Our favourite books of the year

Cry ninja
Well...some of them anyway! I have a big weakness for buying children's books. In fact books for all ages. Books in general. You'd never guess I studied English Literature and used to work in a library would you?! Picking these books to share with you was a bit tricky and I just got my little ones to help. Some of these came out this year but not all of them. But we have enjoyed them together this year and they come highly recommended by me and my 6, (very nearly) 4 and (very nearly) 2 year olds. I love the stories and the illustrations in all of the. Oh and I've sneaked in two Oliver Jeffers books because well, you must definitely have Oliver Jeffers in your book collection. It will help to keep you sane when you're reading the book for the millionth time in a row. Even night after night after night, you will enjoy his stories too! 

One Day

For Just One Day by Laura Leuck
Betty and the Yeti

Betty and the Yeti by Ella Burfoot. {we've also read this Ella Burfoot lots this year too!}
This Moose belongs to Me

This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers 

Penguin by Polly DunbarGreat Paper Caper

The Great Paper Caper by Oliver Jeffers 


The Boy who cried Ninja by Alex Latimer

I hope you enjoy our little list! On Christmas Eve we will be reading a copy of this book and in the new year I will share with you the books I have bought my little ones for Christmas! Happy reading. x


Have a Merry Christmas!

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