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Pregnancy Portrait - Week 24

Week 24
Gosh this Mama is exhausted. Nothing to do with the pregnancy but more to do with 4-6 miles of school/nursery runs a day, a little Max who thinks that waking up in the night to practice all his new words is a great thing (especially if it's in my bed!), client work that never seems to end and having to pull some very late nights to try and get everything done for Christmas. 

Fortunately we are going away for the weekend this evening. Without the children. Ahhhh....time to catch up on lots of sleep before totally over-indulging the children in love, time, attention and plenty of cuddles on the sofa tucked up under blankets watching 'Arthur Christmas' and other favourites over and over and over again! I think it's just what the two of us need after a busy, sometimes challenging year. 

I am also looking forward to having a couple of days of indulging my pregnant self in that way I could before I had any children. That first pregnancy time is so special that I'm looking forward to it just being me, my bump and Stef for a couple of days. I will of course miss our other children from about an hour into the weekend! It's always the way but I also know that it's so valuable for all of us if I have a couple of days of rest. I return home with my patience renewed, energy levels restored and ready to play. And who knows this time we might even find a moment to think about some baby names! 

Week 24 II
This beautiful bunting came back with Stef from the Scottish Island of Eigg when he was working up there earlier this year. We thought it would be lovely to keep for the baby. It's so soft and pretty. And I love that it's come from a place that has become very special to Stef and somewhere we hope to take all the children for some adventures in the coming years. 


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