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Pregnancy Portrait - Week 22 {and Week 23!}

Bump 23
Whoops! I did that mother of more than one thing last week and completely lost track of my pregnancy for a week, so I'm now 23 weeks. I feel a bit like I do when people ask me how old Max is. Well, he's 1 and not yet 2 is usually about all I can manage. I think I said 18 months for ages but now he's nearly 2, so I can use that one instead. Poor little guy but really after you've had one you can stop trying to count pregnancies in weeks or children in months. As long as I have a rough idea and don't miss anything important it's all good and I figure that's the same for this pregnancy. I know when I'm due and it's a while yet. Plus hopefully this laid back (more like far too busy) approach will mean that when it comes to my due date I don't get too stressed about the fact that the baby hasn't arrived yet! 

I'm still loving being pregnant, although I have to admit my body is feeling a little bit achy and I definitely know these hip bones have moved around a bit a few times before. Thank goodness for some yoga stretching and some relaxing evenings of Christmas crafting on the sofa while this little one wriggles and jiggles. 

After having a long conversation with his baby brother/sister today, Oren looked up at me a bit concerned. "Mummy this baby is getting bigger and bigger. When he comes out he will be all squashed!" I love all their baby thoughts and how much they talk to him/her. 

I know so many pregnant women at the moment it's amazing. Are you pregnant? If so, I hope you're feeling well and enjoying it. Even though it sometimes feels like this one is just passing me by I have plenty of little moments each day where I just get so very excited that I have a little baby inside of me. It's such a beautiful thing. Take care xxx


It's the little things

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